LSRP Program and New Jersey
Environmental Services.

LSRP Program and New Jersey
Environmental Services.

LSRP Program and New Jersey
Environmental Services.

In 2009, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) and the State Legislature worked with stakeholders in the public and private sectors to overhaul the process for conducting environmental cleanups. The Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA) effectively privatized the day-to-day oversight of environmental remediation in New Jersey. Qualified LSRPs adhere to a Code of Ethics and certify that environmental investigations, clean-ups and Response Action Outcome (RAO) letters (e.g., Closure Letters) are completed in accordance with applicable rules and regulations and are, above all, protective or human health and the environment.
Jonathan Lisko, President of LISKO, was licensed in 2012 in the first class of LSRPs licensed in the State. He has participated as a stakeholder on many committees and was a contributing author to the NJDEP’s In Situ Remediation: Design Considerations and Performance Monitoring Technical Guidance Document (Version 1.0, October 2017). Mr. Lisko is also designated as a Dispute Resolution LSRP by the Licensed Site Remediation Professional Association (LSRPA).
At LISKO. our LSRPs outline the structure of the program and your obligations as a responsible, or potentially responsible, party. We establish the goals for the project, identify the most viable remedial strategy and achieve the goals in a timely, professional manner. And we are supported by the rest of the LISKO Team to ensure your project meets the objective.

Experience Matters: LISKO LSRPs By the Numbers:


Cases overseen


NFA Letters received
for our clients


RAO Letters issued
to our Clients

LISKO routinely provides LSRP and environmental services to its clients and can assist with NJDEP compliance for your project including:

  • Administrative Consent Orders (ACOs)
  • Child Care Center RAOs
  • Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA) Compliance
  • Notice of Deficiency/Notice of Violation
  • Remedial Action Permits / Biennial Inspections
  • Response Action Outcome
  • Site Investigation
    Preliminary Assessment Reports
    Receptor Evaluations
    Remedial Action Work Plans
    Remedial Action Reports
    Response Action Outcome Letters
  • Unknown Source Investigations
  • Underground Storage Tank Closure/Investigation
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